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Dossier: Security and Cyberspace

  • Cyber Terrorism Today

    Cyber Terrorism Today

    Since its rise the Internet has been associated with being a perfect instrument for terrorism and politically motivated extremist groups. But authorities use the Internet as well. Which side benefits most from these technological advances?
  • Cyber war and the crisis in the Ukraine

    Cyber war and the crisis in the Ukraine

    Cyberwar conjures up images of hackers taking out critical infrastructure and paralyzing society. This hyperbole is certainly not applicatie to the situation in the Ukraine.
  • Debating cyber- surveillance

    Debating cyber- surveillance

    The important debate on the balance between privacy and security, in itself not new, does not seem to be progressing in a balanced fashion. Important issues are still not being addressed.
  • Keeping an Eye on Big Brother

    Keeping an Eye on Big Brother

    The international dimension of intelligence operations does not only refer to international cooperation between intelligence services, but increasingly to the internationalization of intelligence collection.
  • The nature of intelligence in the Digital Age

    The nature of intelligence in the Digital Age

    Intelligence gathering and espionage are perhaps as old as civilization itself. Has the Internet, in its virtual and borderless glory, brought a new dimension to these ancient trades?
  • Watch this Space

    Watch this Space

    More countries and corporations vie for a piece of the galactic pie. It will be interesting to see if attempts at developing mechanisms to oversee responsible behaviour in Space can ensure that these small steps for man equate to giant leaps for mankind.