Max Geelen

Max Geelen, Researcher at Universiteit Leiden
Max Geelen

Max Geelen is a researcher at Leiden University. He has a background in International Relations (University of Groningen) and holds a Master’s degree in Crisis and Security Management (Leiden University). Currently, he is involved as an assistant teacher in both bachelor- and master courses taught at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (minor global affairs and crisis and security management).

His research interests include: International Relations, Securitization Theory, Security Studies, , Counter-terrorism, and Serious Gaming.

He also helps dr. Bibi van den Berg and dr. Ruth Prins with a MOOC – a massive open online course – called “Security and Safety Challenges in a Globalized World” and is currently involved in the process of developing a new collaborative MOOC project ‘Risk in Risk-Averse Societies’ for the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus (LDE) Centre for Safety and Security.