Marco Romagna

Marco Romagna, Lecturer and Researcher for the Centre of Expertise Cyber Security at The Hague University of Applied Sciences
Marco Romagna

Marco Romagna is lecturer in ‘Legal and criminological aspects of cyber security’ and researcher for the Centre of Expertise Cyber Security at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. He is external PhD candidate at Leiden University with a project on “Hacktivism: honorable cause or serious threat?" for which he obtained the NWO ( Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) Doctoral Grant for Teachers.

Marco’s research project develops around three main pillars: 1) redefining of the concept of hacktivism considering the historical perspective and the most recent development 2) studying who are the hacktivists, what are their motivations and which is their modus operandi, 3) understanding how hacktivism is perceived among hacktivists and representatives of the criminal justice sector and why. The combination of the three research lines will provide a clear picture of hacktivism and new ideas on how to deal with it.

Before joining the Centre of Expertise Cyber Security in 2016, Marco was an intern at eCrime, Trento University (April 2013 – February 2014), at the Cyber Security Academy, The Hague (October 2014 – March 2015) and at Eurojust (April 2015 – August 2015) always researching cybercrime and cyber security related topics. He worked as digital commerce fraud analyst at Nike (September 2015 – December 2015).

Marco holds a Master of Laws (Trento University) with specialization in criminal law and criminology and a Master of Arts in global criminology (Utrecht University). Beside hacktivism and cyber security, his main research interests focus on cybercrime, criminology and the related criminal law.