Jelle van Buuren

Jelle van Buuren, MA, Assistant professor
Jelle van Buuren

Jelle van Buuren is an assistant professor at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs. His research centers around the relationship between political legitimacy, conspiracy thinking and the acts of radicalized lone operators embedded within digital ecologies. He did the master  ‘Governance of Security’ at the VU University and conducted at the VU research into the ethical challenges of public and private security. Before entering academics, he was working as an investigative journalist and freelance researcher and writer on intelligence, terrorism and counter terrorism, surveillance, the governance of mobility and the internationalization of police and security cooperation. These are also his current topics of interest and research.

Key publications

  • Holland's Own Kennedy Affair. Conspiracy Theories on the Murder of Pim Fortuyn (2013) Buuren, G.M. van
  • Runaway Bureaucracy? The European Police Chiefs Task Force (2012) Buuren, G.M. van
  • ‘Performative Violence? The Multitude of Lone Wolf Terrorism’ (2012) Buuren, G.M. van
  • European Surveillance Assemblages: Preventing Crime and Terrorisme through Data Monitoring (2010) Boer, M.W.G. and Buuren, G.M.
  • Private Security Ethics. Reintroducing Public Values (2010) Buuren, G.M. van