André Hoogstrate

André Hoogstrate, PhD., Guest researcher at Leiden University, Centre for Terrorism & Counterterrorismand Senior researcher forensic science and intelligence at Netherlands Forensic Institute
André Hoogstrate

André Hoogstrate is guest researcher at the Centre for Terrorism & Counterterrorism and senior researcher forensic science and intelligence within the Knowledge and Expertise Centre for Intelligent Data Analysis at the Netherlands Forensic Institute.

His research focuses on the use of forensic analysis methodology in fighting organized crime, terrorism, and security aspects in general. A common aspect in all of his research is the use of quantitative modelling.

André Hoogstrate holds a doctorate degree in econometrics from Maastricht University (1998). Since 2000 he works as a statistician and forensic scientist at the Netherlands Forensic Institute. His casework and research focuses on developing new forensic analysis methods.  Examples thereof:

- Research of earprints as evidence;
- Photo- and videogrammetric modelling;
- Detecting steganography;
- Analysing car accidents by means of mathematical and Monte Carlo modelling;
- Developing computer forensic investigation tools based on quantitative analysis;
- Developing forensic intelligence tools within the security program Improving Security through Information Awareness (Veiligheidsverbetering door Information Awareness)
- Initiator of the Knowledge and Expertise Centre for Intelligent Data Analysis.

Key publications

  • Informatiegestuurde grenscontrole. Verkenning ten behoeve van het gebruik van selectieprofielen in het kader van grensbeheer (2012) Hoogstrate A.J. and Veenman C.J.
  • Minimizing the Average Number of Inspections for Detecting Rare Items in Finite Populations (2011) Hoogstrate, A.J. and Klaassen, C.A.J.
  • Saving, Openness, and Growth: A Panel Data VAR approach (2005) Hoogstrate, A.J. and Osang T.
  • To Pool or Not to Pool: Forecasting International Output Growth Rates (2004) Hoogstrate, A.J., F.C.Palm, and G.A.Pfann
  • Ear identification based on surveillance camera images (2001) Hoogstrate, A.J., van Den Heuvel, H. and Huyben, E.
  • Oor in beeld. Identificatie van oren op videobeelden bewakingscamera's (2000) Hoogstrate, A.J.