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You’re invited: ISGA2016 Opening Conference

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You’re invited: ISGA2016 Opening Conference

The emerging multitude of national and international collaborations to face contemporary security and global affairs challenges, such as terrorism, hybrid warfare and cyber-attacks, raises important questions. We ask ourselves: Who should take the lead in deciding what security issues or challenges to focus on and from what perspective? Who exactly determines the security (research) agenda? You are hereby invited to reflect on these thrilling questions during the two-day international opening conference of the new institute of Leiden University; the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA).

ISGA analyses and studies security and global affairs issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. The new institute, led by Prof. dr. Edwin Bakker, facilitates and initiates dialogue and collaboration between various disciplines within academia, as well as between academia and other stakeholders in the public and private sectors.

Started in January 2016, ISGA will officially open its doors November 9-10 2016 during the ISGA2016 Opening Conference in the New Babylon Meeting Center in The Hague, The Netherlands, where national and international research institutions, private organizations and governments are invited to discuss today’s security (research) agendas.

By way of keynote speeches, panel discussions and interactive workshops, and by bringing together national and international academics and representatives from governmental organisations, the private sector, NGO’s and think tanks, we hope to find answers to important questions in the field of security and global affairs.

ISGA2016 is an event for anyone concerned with the development and implementation of today’s security agendas and the overall cooperation between involved stakeholders dealing with these agendas and security issues.

Visit the ISGA2016 Opening Conference website to find out more about the programme, registration, and workshops. Receive the latest news about the conference speakers, information visits and more in your email box by signing up for our ISGA2016 Opening Conference Newsletter. For questions, please contact our Conference Coordinator

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